EnergySec Announces Leadership Change

Patrick Miller, EnergySec founder, recently announced that he will transition out of the day to day activities of the organization. Steven Parker has been appointed as President, and will assume responsibility for EnergySec’s operations. Patrick will assume the title of President Emeritus, and will remain active as a member of the EnergySec Board of Directors, the NESCO CISO Forum and other areas of oversight and advocacy.

Recently, Patrick and Steven sat down to discuss the past, present, and future of EnergySec, looking back over the past decade, discussing the development of EnergySec, and how the recent changes reflect the growth of the organization.

To skip ahead to a particular topics, refer to the following guide:

02:23 – Reflecting Back on EnergySec’s Successes
04:20 – Missed Opportunities and Future Goals
06:17 – Patrick Miller’s Goals for the Organization
09:54 – Mr. Parker: Going from Outreach to Operations
13:36 – More on the National Electric Sector Cybersecurity Organization (NESCO)
14:41 – What Does Operational Focused Mean for NESCO?
16:50 – EnergySec’s New Training and Internship Opportunities
17:40 – The NESCO Tactical Analysis “Next Cool Thing”

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