FAQ: Leadership Change

Q: Why is Patrick Miller leaving EnergySec?

A: When the EnergySec Board asked Mr. Miller to leave the private consulting world and take the wheel as CEO in 2010 it was to advance the nonprofit mission to the next level with the inertia created by the funding of the DOE cooperative agreement and get the NESCO off the ground.

As CEO, Mr. Miller’s focus was on leading the outreach, promotion and community building necessary to bootstrap the organization to a funded and sustainable point. After which, the goal was replace him with a more operational executive and shift to an oversight and governance role.

Q: As founder of EnergySec, will Patrick continue to play a role in the organization moving forward?

A: Mr. Miller will still be deeply involved in EnergySec as President Emeritus, executive committee member of the NESCO Advisory Board, company liaison to the North American Energy CISO Forum and most importantly through his seat on the Board of Directors.

“I’m not really going anywhere. Just handing the day-to-day EnergySec operations over to a trusted friend and executive while I go back out into the community to do what I do best – be a catalyst, build interesting connections, ask the hard questions and provide the honest answers when no one else will,” says Miller of his new role.

If you see him around, he will still be wearing an EnergySec badge at conferences and will continue to be a guest instructor many of the EnergySec training events as well as a prominent speaker at the annual Summit. He is still our biggest advocate.

Q: Where is Patrick going?

A: Mr. Miller is currently on retainer to long-time EnergySec supporter’s AlertEnterprise, as well as a couple of utilities, where he is putting his experience to work providing advisory services related to critical infrastructure security and regulatory compliance.

He is also partnering with some associates at another strong supporter of our mission, The Anfield Group, to work on some interesting compliance and security service offerings.

Q: Who is going to assume his position at EnergySec and why are they qualified?

A: Steve Parker , EnergySec’s CFO has been chosen as the organization’s next CEO. Mr. Parker has been a key player in the organization since its inception and has built most of the operational aspects since 2010 while in his role as CFO.

Q: What impact will this leadership change have on the organization, if any?

A: EnergySec has been hard at work since December reshaping the organization as we transition our focus from outreach and development to program operations and continue our progress towards post-DOE self-sufficiency later next year.

With respect to programs, the Tactical Analysis Center (TAC) has added new capabilities and partnerships, with more in the works. We are also in discussions on two potentially significant TAC related projects for later this year. The TAC’s Rapid Notification System, designed to quickly disseminate urgent security alerts to industry, has over 300 registered participants representing nearly 150 utilities.

Our outreach and education efforts are also doing well. We look forward to what should be our best Town Hall yet, hosted by Arizona Public Service on April 3rd.

The NESCO website gains popularity each day, and hosts a popular weekly guest blog offering insight from industry and security leaders.

Through social media, partnered webinars, and the soon to be launched Grid Security magazine, NESCO continues to focus discussion and provide information on cybersecurity topics important to industry.

Our training and workforce development programs are also expanding. We are building capabilities to deliver online training, and developing new courses to address industry needs. We are building an internship program in partnership with a local college, and plan to expand that to other locations later this year.

These are times of great opportunity. Cybersecurity is, appropriately, a front burner issue, and NESCO is well positioned, perhaps uniquely so, to effectively support community efforts to address this issue across all segments of our industry. I thank you for your support, advice, and advocacy, as we pursue our shared objective of ensuring safe, reliable, and secure power for North America.


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