Is India Prepared for Critical Infrastructure Cyber Attacks?

“M.S. Vijayaraghavan, an adviser to NTRO, says all cyber security agencies are working in isolation. “If there is a synchronised attack on multiple critical infrastructure facilities, they are not in a position to join the dots and respond in a well-coordinated way,” he says. But, he adds, the formation of NCIIPC is changing that as the entire critical infrastructure has now come under its purview.

Indeed, NCIIPC is worried about thwarting the next big attack. Business Today asked NCIIPC officials to describe how India would face a Stuxnet-style attack on a nuclear power plant (see Repulsing Attacks). Stuxnet was a virus created in a joint US-Israeli operation against Iran that destroyed over 1,000 nuclear centrifuges, setting Tehran’s atomic programme back by at least two years.”

via Can cyber attacks on India’s critical infrastructure be thwarted? – Business Today.

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