From DigitalBond – CRISP: Market Failure and Fools Gold.

Read the entire article here – CRISP: Market Failure and Fools Gold « Digital Bond’s SCADA Security Portal.


“CRISP, like Cyberstorm, LOGIIC and many others, will undoubtedly be called a success. You can write the press release before the event or project is finished. The criteria for success is the various organizations come together to participate in the project for event.

You can visualize the press release and presentations already. A list of 28 utility companies, DoE, raw monitored traffic numbers, events, bulletins written and a couple of quotes from senior executives. The Norse Corporation portion of CRISP will be easy to evaluate. Do energy sector companies purchase this service from Norse or their competitors when the subsidy ends?

The criteria for success of the NERC/PNNL effort is more difficult. A larger program is as likely to be due to marketing pressure than any value of the information. It’s the C-level / Director question … are we part of this CRISP security thing? If it is too late to stop, NERC should be working on and announcing in early 2015 plans to spin CRISP, and I would argue ES-ISAC, off to a commercial entity. Then the market would determine if CRISP is a success.”


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