Network Perimeter Defense: Testing and Verification

EnergySec’s new white paper, “Network Perimeter Defense: Testing and Verification,” has now been released. Read the paper for tips on how to help ensure that your network defenses are performing at their best.

Abstract: It is important to test and verify that your network perimeter is securely configured. The purpose of this paper is to give a general overview of the kinds of tests that should be performed. There are two basic types of evaluations we will consider. The first is passive verification. This involves looking at the configurations of perimeter security devices, specifically firewalls, and ensuring that they are configured appropriately. The second type of tests we will examine are active tests. These allow you to verify that the devices and configurations you are using are behaving the way they are designed to. By having a robust testing and validation system, you are more likely to be using the tools you have effectively.

 Download “Network Perimeter Defense: Testing and Verification”

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