Small Michigan Village Cites Discrimination Concerns Over Smart Meters

Fairgrove, MI Village President Tom Wassa, has reservations about smart meters, specifically around concerns of discrimination. Because of that, he has drafted a “privacy ordinance” to ban their use in his village.

The proposed ordinance, should the village council adopt it, includes provisions for civil action or misdemeanor criminal charges with fines if the utility violates the ordinance.

“With them [smart meters], a utility company can fluctuate the amount they charge for usage during various times of the day,” said Wassa. “This is going to hurt low income people who don’t have the ability to go out and buy energy efficient appliances.”

The use of rate incentives and demand management also rankles Wassa, who sees this sort of flexibility on the part of the utility as potentially discriminating against fixed/low income families.

The proposed ordinance is currently under review by the Fairgrove Village attorney.

via Tuscola Today » Fairgrove president wary of ‘smart meters’.

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