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EnergySec Releases Comments on Virtualization and Transmission Owner Control Centers

EnergySec published comments on the Transmission Owners Control Center and Virtualizations white papers the Standards Drafting Team is seeking comments on. Since EnergySec does not formally vote on SDT ballot issues, we are not formally submitting these comments to the SDT. However, we are making them available for our members to use or revise as […]

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Low Impact Incident Response Plans and the ERO

As many of you have likely heard, the ERO has settled on a consistent audit approach for the initial performance of low impact Incident Response Plans (IRP). The ERO now considers that such plans must be tested prior to April 1, 2017. This is an unfortunate position, although it is technically defensible given the ambiguity […]

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Network Perimeter Defense: Best Practices in Network Segmentation

EnergySec’s new white paper, “Network Perimeter Defense: Best Practices in Network Segmentation,” has now been released. Read the paper for tips on how to segment operational technology (OT) and informational technology (IT) networks. Abstract: This paper will examine different ideas for how to effectively segment networks. It will examine the Zero Trust Model, which is based on […]

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Network Perimeter Defense: Testing and Verification

EnergySec’s new white paper, “Network Perimeter Defense: Testing and Verification,” has now been released. Read the paper for tips on how to help ensure that your network defenses are performing at their best. Abstract: It is important to test and verify that your network perimeter is securely configured. The purpose of this paper is to give a general […]

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Network Perimeter Defense: Common Mistakes

EnergySec’s new white paper, “Network Perimeter Defense: Common Mistakes,” has now been released. Read the paper for tips on how to some common mistakes that happen in designing a network perimeter. Abstract: There are many things that can go wrong in designing, and then protecting, the perimeter of a network. The purpose of this paper is to […]

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