NERC CIP Immersion Program

The NERC CIP standards present a significant compliance challenge for most organizations. Within the industry, there is a shortage of experienced and knowledgable NERC CIP professionals capable of providing senior level expertise for utility CIP compliance programs.

EnergySec is addressing this issue with a new education program that provides a comprehensive set of courses, mentoring, and experience to industry professionals focused on NERC CIP compliance.  Known as the “CIP Immersion Program”, it combines guided self-study assignments with online, instructor led courses, one-on-one mentoring, and group discussions. Over a 6-month period, participants will gain a thorough understanding of the CIP requirements, their history, their application, and the processes for effectively managing entity obligations in accordance with NERC and regional entity monitoring and enforcement programs.

The faculty for this program is comprised of individuals with years of direct experience managing and implementing entity compliance programs, meeting technical requirements, and engaging in official CIP audits.

Faculty for this program is listed below. Full background information on each faculty member is available on the program website.

Target Audience:

This program is intended for utility compliance staff and consulting professionals who need to enhance their understanding of the CIP standards and associated processes.

Participants gain access to:

  • Online, live, instructor led courses, including recorded playback
  • Individual mentoring/instruction by senior EnergySec staff (up to 1 hour per week)
  • Immersion program mailing list for discussions with other participants and EnergySec staff
  • Bi-weekly group conference call to discuss questions, and issues
  • Face-to-face meetings with EnergySec instructors and other participants held in conjunction with key industry events (e.g. WECC CIPUGs, EnergySec Summit, and regional events)
  • Online learning materials and modules.
  • EnergySec CIP guidance documents and related support materials.


The CIP program will launch in January 2015. Registration is open immediately and is initially limited to 15 participants. Additional participant slots will be opened quarterly.

Core Instructors/Mentors:

Steve Parker

Steve Parker

Guest Faculty Includes:

Stacy Bresler

Stacy Bresler

Patrick Miller

Patrick Miller

Participation fee:

$12,500. Employees of EnergySec member organizations receive a 20% discount. Previous V5 Bootcamp attendees may receive credit for previous tuition paid.

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The following are brief descriptions of the core modules. These are provided as live, online courses and supplemented with assigned self-study, group discussions, and one-on-one mentoring sessions.

Background and History

A review of the history of the CIP standards from their roots in the Standard Market Design (SMD) efforts in the early 2000’s through version 6 of the mandatory standards developed under Section 215 of the Energy Policy Act.


A comprehensive look at FERC’s authority and role in overseeing the development and enforcement of the CIP standards.


A look at NERC’s role and delegated authority in the development and enforcement of the CIP standards and critical infrastructure protection within the electric sector.


Examination of the eight NERC regions, their role, authority, and processes. Discussion of regional differences and identification of key staff and points of contact.

The Industry

Industry information which is relevant to the CIP standards. Includes the NERC Functional Model, Markets, and the BES definition

Utility Operations

Covers various aspects of utility operations that are relevant to the CIP standards, including Generation, Transmission, Communications, Control Centers, ICCP, Tagging, Trading

Asset Identification

An in-depth look at BES Cyber Asset/System identification, grouping, and impact rating criteria and processes.

CIP Bootcamp

An in-person 3-day bootcamp covering the V5 and proposed V6 requirements, including terminology. Attendance at a bootcamp is included in the immersion program fee.

Policy and Procedural Requirements

An in-depth treatment of CIP requirements focused on policy or procedural activities. This includes CIP-003, CIP-004, CIP-008, CIP-009, CIP-010, and CIP-011.

Technical Requirements

An in-depth treatment of technically oriented requirements, including CIP-005, CIP-006, CIP-007, CIP-010, CIP-011

Standards Background

A thorough discussion of background information relevant to the standards. Includes the NERC Glossary, VSLs, VRFs, TFEs, and RFIs.

Utility Compliance Programs

Covers various areas related to compliance programs. Includes Internal Compliance Programs, RSAWs, and RAI.

Audit Preparation

Covers activities related to audit preparation, including evidence collection and presentation, interacting with the region, audit logistics, staff preparation, and witness training.

The Audit Process

Covers the audit process from initial notice through the final report and resolution of possible violations.

Self Reports and Mitigation Plans

Covers the processes around Self Reports and the creation and execution of Mitigation Plans.