Cliff Gregory | Chief Executive Officer at SecurityMatters

Biography of Cliff Gregory
Chief Executive Officer at SecurityMatters

During his more than 30-year career in both government and private industry, Cliff has focused on Information Assurance and Systems Integrity.  He has been in leadership positions in six successful startup companies, and has been a part of the transition management team for three company acquisitions.

In his most recent start-up company he built a practice which has shown itself to be successful in helping customers determine what level of Information Assurance Risk they are able to accept, and what must to resolved to perform their business in a increasingly dangerous environment.  His method to gather useful security metric data and from that establish a highly accurate picture of an organizations security posture and design an appropriate responds and mitigation strategy has been adopted by the Commonwealth of Virginia and a number of healthcare and financial organizations.

His extensive knowledge of security process comes from years of management and development experience in all aspects of large organizations.

Cliff holds a PhD in Math from DIT.  His experience in product and process development as a software developer and process thought leader give him a unique vision of how to improve the safety and security of IT organizations.