Dewan Chowdhury | Founder and CEO, MalCrawler

Biography of Dewan Chowdhury
Founder and CEO of MalCrawler

Dewan Chowdhury is the founder and CEO of MalCrawler (solution that protects ICS/SCADA systems from malware cyber attack), and for the past 16 years Dewan specializes in cybersecurity support for ICS/SCADA environment including Oil & Gas, chemical manufacturing, Pipelines, and Power. Dewan has very unique first hand experiences dealing with targeted cyber attacks against critical infrastructure. Dewan has provided cyber incident response in oil refineries to electrical substations. Dewan specializes in managing large cyber security projects for critical infrastructure clients, including those in the nuclear, oil/gas, power utilities. Dewan’s technical expertise includes Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) analysis, computer forensics, malware analysis for SCADA Devices (IED, RTU, PLC, HMI, etc), penetration testing on ICS/SCDA Devices, securing smart grid/Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). Dewan speaks across the globe on as an expert on SCADA security and cyber attacks against critical infrastructure.