Doug Clifton | Executive Director, Cybersecurity at EY

Biography of Doug Clifton
Executive Director, Cybersecurity at EY

Doug is an executive director in Ernst & Young LLP’s Cyber Threat Management group based out of Dallas focused on cybersecurity in the industrial/operational technology segment.

With more than 25 years in technology delivery and leadership roles, Doug spent the last 13 years focused on building and managing cybersecurity service businesses for Industrial control and SCADA systems. He developed a cybersecurity services business in the industrial automation space over the last 10 years and have lead and executed over 500 cyber defense projects. Doug has developed solutions for many different industries supporting cybersecurity in continuous operations and process control. Some of those include oil and gas, nuclear power, fossil power, pulp and paper, chemical, building management, and mining. He has met with White House staff regarding industrial control system security and has worked with clients to build and strengthen their cybersecurity safeguards.

Prior to joining the firm, Doug was global director managing the global cybersecurity consulting practice at Schneider Electric/Invensys. Prior to his role at Invensys, Doug managed the cybersecurity services portfolio at Nortel Networks. He has more than 20 industry certifications ranging from Network infrastructure, Cyber Security to Compliance. Doug’s extended experience includes seismic exploration, medical electronics, telecommunications, Carrier and Enterprise IP network infrastructures and cellular wireless data backbone systems.

Doug presents at various global automation and industrial cyber security conferences as an Operational Technology expert.

Example projects:

  • Oil refinery – Development of Cyber Security plan and execution of program. ICS and SCADA assessments with cyber mitigation implementation and management.
  • Fossil Power Plant – Creation and execution of NERC CIP compliance and remediation program for DCS and SCADA systems.
  • Mining – Assessment and creation of solutions to secure DCS and SCADA systems for smelter site.