Doug Rhoades | Director of Information Security at Sempra USGP

Biography of Doug Rhoades
Director of Information Security at Sempra USGP

Doug Rhoades brings 20+ years of DoD weapons systems and information assurance experience to the Utility industry where he is currently Director of Information Security for Sempra USGP.  Doug leads the team that secures control systems within Sempra’s international portfolio of  renewable power production, gas transmission and gas distribution field networks.  Mr. Rhoades was previously the General Manager for Cybersecurity at Southern California Edison with responsibility for the security controls for their transmission and distribution business.  In earlier professional activities Mr. Rhoades developed, managed and deployed many real-time embedded security and control systems for the DoD, the MoD, the DHS, and DARPA.  His research interests are fault-tolerant, resilient and semi-autonomous technologies as applied to Industrial Control Systems.

Highlights of Mr. Rhoades’ work include:

• Architect of Machine-to-Machine Automated Threat Response (MMATR) research effort for the State of California consortium.

• Development of controls for NERC v5 CIPs 005 and 007

• Design of secondary gas meter telecommunications system for improved safety and reliability of gas operations

• Development of Maritime Command and Control (C2) programs fusing Radar, Sonar, and EOIR data that were deployed internationally and within CONUS.

• Design of the Business Process Execution Language interpreter for the real-time, tactical process flows within a military engagement system.