Webinar Replay: Hiding in Plain Sight – Leveraging Open Source Information for Greater Security

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OSINT is increasingly becoming an essential threat intelligence method for securing critical infrastructure. As new threats appear daily, the typical “protect the perimeter” strategies are becoming less effective. OSINT allows us to discover and quickly understand specific trends as they begin to develop. This prepares us for upcoming situations as we are able to identify threats such as: malware targeted at Industrial Control and SCADA systems, state sponsored campaigns, hacktivist campaigns, or physical threats targeting our infrastructure. The very nature of these cyber threats, their technical vectors and constant evolutions, means that up-to-date threat intelligence is vital when seeking to keep systems secure.

No longer is it sufficient to know a threat – now we need to understand it, the motivations behind it, the objectives of each campaign and how that relates to our specific organization.

Silobreaker and EnergySec invite you to listen and learn from the panel on:

  • The importance and significance of OSINT in remaining agile and proactive
  • Tips to assist with staying prepared in the face of new and emerging threats
  • Scenario-based exercises using a market-leading OSINT tool

About Silobreaker

Silobreaker helps security and intelligence professionals make sense of the overwhelming amount of data on the web. By providing powerful tools and visualizations that cut through and analyse data from hundreds of thousands of open sources, Silobreaker makes it easy for users to monitor and investigate threats, compromises, actors, instabilities, geopolitical developments, or any other topic, incident or event. Customers save time by working more efficiently through large data-sets and improve their expertise, knowledge and decision-making by examining and interpreting the data more easily.


  • Charlotte Goreing, Cyber Security & Risk Intelligence, Silobreaker
  • Darrell Johnston, U.S. Cyber Security & Risk Intelligence, Silobreaker
  • Sean Maloney, Security Architect, EnergySec

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