Addressing Phishing Attacks Intelligently

Webinar Partner: Invincea

The energy sector is under attack by a persistent set of adversaries including,  hacktivists, and state sponsored actors. America’s critical infrastructure must be protected and we must find new methods for combating the advanced persistent threats that are bypassing our current defenses with relative ease. Our users represent the easiest pathway for breach and the adversary knows this all too well. Recent campaigns have been launched by our adversaries across the sector with unfortunate success. EnergySec itself has recently been targeted and though there may be differing motives for these attacks across the sector, there appears to be one constant: spear-phishing, drive-by-downloads and watering hole attacks aimed at our employees.

Our panelists are: Dr. Anup Ghosh, Founder & CEO, Invincea; Jack Whitsitt, Principal TAC Analyst, NESCO; Douglas DeGrote, CISO, Xcel Energy

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