NERC CIP Webinar: Get Ready for Version 4!

Webinar Sponsor: Honeywell

Unfortunately, this recorded session is not perfect. Outside of our control, the recording was cutoff at the beginning and the audio is slightly off with the slides being shown at times. We have included a link below to an extended version of the presentation as well.

On March 27th, Honeywell and EnergySec highlighted the need for electric utilities to “get started” on CIP version 4 in the webinar seen above. The primary focus of this webinar is for those electric utilities who have never had critical assets or critical cyber assets declared. We know many of the listeners will have “done that and been there” but we certainly hope everyone will be able to take away at least something or have a moment of validation of their own current CIP understanding.

Of course, this is only an hour-long webinar and it is absolutely impossible to address the breadth of CIP version 4 in such a short period of time but we believe this is a webinar not to be missed. The presenters are entrenched in the CIP standards and have first hand knowledge of how it is being applied throughout the United States and Canada.

Get Ready for V4 Webinar full PowerPoint Presentation

Webinar Q&A Responses

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