Webinar: Building an Effective and Sustainable Enterprise GRC Program for Energy and Utility Organizations

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Webinar:  Building an Effective and Sustainable Enterprise GRC Program for Energy and Utility Organizations

Energy and Utility companies are grappling with constant changes to regulatory compliance requirements, as well as the increased risks and costs due to redundant manual processes and the time spent vetting data for accuracy before audits. These companies are under constant threat of facing significant operational challenges with penalties and fines into the millions due to regulatory scrutiny. Moreover, the operational risks to energy and utility companies have never been greater and determining which risks are relevant through a manual procedure is tedious and time-consuming.

Companies faced with these challenges are looking for better ways to manage and monitor compliance processes as well as a strategic approach to manage enterprise risks. Many energy and utility organizations today are expressing interest in implementing governance solutions to not only manage and monitor compliance to regulatory requirements, but also to manage the risks emerging from market volatility, and industry consolidation.

* Due to technical issues, there is a section where the audio was lost from one of our speakers for a short period of time. Please fast forward to pick up on the continued discussion. 

View the recording of Tim Schmutzler, Regional Vice President of GRC Solutions at MetricStream and Chris Humphreys, CEO and Director at The Anfield Group  as they talk about the common practices and integrated GRC approaches that can help energy and utility companies build an effective and sustainable GRC program.

  • Some of the key discussion points will be:
  • Challenges involved in laying the foundation for the GRC program in Energy & Utilities
  • How to build a sustainable GRC program
  • Key factors to consider in choosing a GRC technology framework
  • The role of technology in unifying the different components of GRC

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