Webinar: Demystifying NERC-010 & 011 Requirements

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Webinar: Demystifying NERC-010 & 011 Requirements

While the implementation date of the NERC CIP version 5 reliability standards remains in flux, the two new CIP standards are a certainty. Join former CIP auditor and EnergySec President, Steve Parker, along with Jacob Kitchel, Industrial Defender’s NERC compliance expert, as they take a deep dive into the technical aspects of complying with what will be required for the new NERC CIP standards, CIP-010-1 and CIP-011-1 Information Protection. Webcast attendees learned:

  • Requirements for meeting new CIP Standards, including monitoring, baselines, and options for vulnerability assessments
  • Requirements for continuous compliance
  • How to achieve and sustain compliance

To watch a replay of this webinar click here.

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