Webinar: Get Ready for CIP Version 5 – Importance of Evidence and Demo of Process Driven Compliance Solution

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A panel of experts from EnergySec and SigmaFlow provided an explanation of the importance of documenting process and maintaining evidence of compliance for NERC CIP Version 5. The difficulties associated with manual compliance processes lend to the exploration of automated solutions. As such, the panelists will explore the merits of a comprehensive pre-configured solution for NERC CIP Version 5 compliance over point solutions, homegrown solutions, or general use tools.

The panel discussion was supplemented with a live demonstration of the SigmaFlow NERC CIP Compliance Solution. With SigmaFlow Compliance Manager, utilities have a preconfigured, end-to-end solution that lets them focus on running their businesses rather than on building a compliance system. Process driven controls facilitate compliance for the new CIP Version 5 assessment criteria, cyber asset change management, identity access management, and cyber asset baseline management.

View this webinar and demonstration to learn more about NERC CIP Version 5, evidence of compliance and the SigmaFlow CIP Compliance Solution.


  • Terry Schurter, Vice President of NERC Solutions, SigmaFlow

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