Webinar: How Will the End of XP Impact your System’s Reliability and Compliance with NERC CIP Standards?

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Today’s critical infrastructure markets will soon be faced with new challenges as Microsoft ends extended support for Windows XP in April 2014. Systems running XP will become increasingly vulnerable and the source of many additional problems some of which could affect your ability to comply with NERC CIP standards.
Whether you choose to migrate to a newer platform or to mitigate the effects of the end of support until you can transition, you need to make a decision now to ensure that the reliability of your critical systems will not be compromised.


Attend our webinar to:
  • Understand how the end of XP will impact the industrial sector
  • Learn what risks are associated with continuing to run XP after the end of support date has passed
  • Learn how to mitigate the vulnerabilities associated with XP if you cannot upgrade at this time
  • Identify specific tactics you can implement to increase the reliability of your systems and aid in compliance to NERC CIP

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