Webinar: NERC CIP Version 5 – Compliance Support with Microsoft

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Listen to Oxford Computer Group (OCG), MicrosoftEnergySec and other utility security experts in this panel discussion exploring how Microsoft can strengthen your internal compliance and identity systems. Access control and data protection in relation to identities using Bulk Electric System (BES) cyber systems that must be protected represent a major component of NERC CIP V5 requirements. Identity and Access Management as built by Microsoft and partners can provide the essential technical controls that can help utilities meet regulatory compliance.

OCG NA President Marvin Tansley, Microsoft World Wide Power & Utilities Industry Architect Larry Cochrane, EnergySec’s President Steve Parker, Subnet Solutions’ Ameed Hamdon  and cybersecurity entrepreneur and IT security futurist Neil Rerup discuss the important role Microsoft’s partner product ecosystem plays in achieving access control compliance in today’s modern control environments and how it can support control mapping to other relevant security frameworks such as ISO 27001, COSO and NIST.    

Moderated by Brandon Dunlap from BrightFly, these panelists provide a diverse set of perspectives on NERC CIP challenges as well as Identity and Access Management and Data Protection components, including:

  • Attestation, Audit and Reporting
  • Provisioning and De-provisioning
  • Data Loss Protection
  • Access Authentication
  • Strong Authentication
  • Active Directory Migration

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