Webinar: Novel Designs for Perimeter Protection in the Bulk Electric System

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Webinar: Novel Designs for Perimeter Protection in the Bulk Electric System

New designs for security perimeters show how established technologies can be used in new ways to dramatically improve security.

Increasingly, BES entities are concerned that conventional IT security mechanisms, including firewalls and encryption, are not sufficient to secure critical applications. The mechanisms for defeating these protections are too widely known, and are too easily accomplished. From securing the exchange of ICCP status and command data between Control Centers, to enabling secure central management of generation resources, industry-leading utilities are looking for new solutions.

This webinar explores how unidirectional security gateways are being deployed into these demanding applications in new ways to provide stronger security than is possible with firewalls. We also explore what CIP auditors are saying about these new configurations, especially in light of the new CIP Version 5 standards.

Listen in and  learn how and why security leaders are deploying hardware-enforced unidirectional security gateways in novel ways throughout the BES.

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