Webinar Replay: NERC CIP-007-5 Patch Management: Factors for Success – September 2, 2015

Partnered with:

FoxGuard Solutions

Click here to download the presentation slides.

Due to time constraints, not all questions submitted during the webinar were able to be addressed. Please click here to read the panelists’s answers to those questions.

With NERC CIP Version 5, many additional types of devices and applications are coming in to scope for patch and update management. EnergySec and FoxGuard Solutions are partnering together to discuss the implications of CIP-007-5.

Key points of discussions are:

  • Understand how patch management requirements have changed with NERC CIP Version 5
  • How NRG has addressed patch management
  • Realize the implications of the new devices and applications that have come into scope
  • Learn the steps to creating a healthy patch and update management program
  • Learn about the Cooperative Agreement between FoxGuard Solutions and the Department of Energy


  • Larry Snow, Manager, NERC CIP, NRG East & West Regions
  • Monta Elkins, Security Architect, FoxGuard Solutions

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