Webinar Replay: Preparing for the NERC CIP Audit – Importance of Maintaining and Providing Evidence of Compliance – August 26, 2015

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Evidence of compliance is very important for utilities to be audit-ready and prepared for CIP Version 5 audits. The MetricStream Compliance Management App can help utilities to efficiently address requirements and determine how to incorporate standards into their organization’s compliance program. 
View this webinar demonstration to learn more about NERC CIP Version 5 and the MetricStream Compliance Management App. 
Key points of discussions are:
  • Preparing for audits
  • Providing timely documentation and evidence of compliance through a central repository of evidence
  • Robust process and best practices to document audit reports for compliance program
  • Knowledge management: Documenting subject matter expert’s discussions and decisions
  • Gaurav Kwatra,Product Marketing Manager, MetricStream

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