Webinar: Simplify Your NERC CIP and Security Compliance Programs

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Abstract: Energy and power facilities represent a very complex environment that faces increasing cyber security threats to mission-critical infrastructures. With the aging infrastructure, and the threat of cyber related reliability disruption and other issues, it gets difficult to cost-effectively manage operations and security programs while still remaining in compliance with the various cyber security standards. In the electric sector, the NERC CIP Standards address the Bulk Electric Systems and, with version 5 on the horizon, will broaden its impact greatly. With other critical infrastructures in the energy sector, the NIST Cybersecurity Framework will most assuredly increase their compliance burdens as well.

In order to maintain compliance with these reliability standards and future security initiatives in the ever-changing and ever-growing compliance landscape, owners and operators of energy and utility facilities must continue to build on their compliance programs. This can only happen by effectively enforcing compliance standards and good security practices through a rigorous program of audits, investigations and reporting. At the very least, they need to get started building a compliance capability if one doesn’t exist today.  

This webinar explored lessons learned in implementing NERC CIP and other security controls using comprehensive compliance management solutions and other in-the-field observations.  

Listen to what the panelists said on this topic and learn:

  • How the FERC Policy Statement on Compliance is more important now than ever before
  • Potential key compliance risk areas and steps to minimize the risks
  • Strategies to develop and implement effective NERC CIP and other security compliance programs


FERC Policy Statement on Compliance

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