Get Connected

If you are a utility owner/operator, a member of government, industry-related trade organization, a partner in an EnergySec-managed program or an interested vendor then you qualify for an EnergySec Community account. A community account provides access to all of our online resources, including the information portal, chat server, mailing lists, and online learning platform.

The portal is made up of many community spaces. Vetted utility owner/operators have access to a private utility-only space, plus there is an open forum available to all Community members. There are many other community spaces available but special request for access to those are required.

With your community access you will also be placed into associated mailing lists and have the opportunity to participate in a secure instant messaging system where the community can connect with other industry specific security-minded individuals.

Please complete the following form to register for access to the EnergySec Community. Access to various online resources is dependent on the type of organization with which you are associated.
NOTE: Please use an email address associated with your organization. Personal email accounts (i.e. gmail) may be rejected or receive reduced access.