Josh Sandler | NERC CIP Enterprise SME at Duke Energy

Biography of Josh Sandler
NERC CIP Enterprise SME at Duke Energy

Josh Sandler servers on the Steering Committee for the North American Generator Forum (NAGF).  His responsibilities in the NAGF include serving as a leader for the Security Practices Working Group.  The Security Practices Working Group has a mission to focus on all elements of security as they are related to electric generators and operators and has a heavy focus on cybersecurity, including the compliance of NERC regulations.

Mr. Sandler works for Duke Energy in Charlotte, NC, where he serves as the company’s lead NERC CIP compliance expert.  He has been with Duke Energy for 10 years where he has experience as a controls engineer at various fossil, CT, and hydro facilities.

For the past 5 years Mr. Sandler has been focused on helping to lead Duke Energy’s NERC CIP efforts for the generation fleet.