Kelly Whitlock | Corporate Security Manager, Pacific Gas and Electric

Biography of Kelly Whitlock
Corporate Security Manager at Pacific Gas and Electric

Kelly Whitlock is a Corporate Security Manager with 25 years’ experience at Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) headquartered in San Francisco California.

Whitlock’s responsibilities include serving as a physical security subject matter expert by implementing sound security controls and demonstrating compliance to NERC CIP-002 – CIP-011 and CIP-014 requirements.  Her professional interest includes advocating that “security came first” and has documented process and procedures demonstrating how compliance to requirements can be met by building a strong security model and security controls into day to day activities. Currently participating in various conference and workshops, working on NERC CIP-014 and continuous improvement which includes writing a white paper on ‘the gray area’; contributing support of physical security projects and educating personnel.

Ms. Whitlock developed a mandatory cyber and physical security training program, and has documented and implemented numerous enterprise standards including Steps for Physical Security Specialists, a Visitor access control Program, a Physical Security Plan, a Physical Access Control Standard, and an Event Reporting Procedure. She has a family history with law enforcement experience and is a participating member of a number of organizations including The Women’s Network; ASIS International and The National Transmission Forum.