Media Policy

EnergySec welcomes the professional editorial and journalist staff of relevant trade publications, print, and broadcast media to attend EnergySec Summits, Town Halls, and Voice of the Industry Events. EnergySec will provide approved media representatives fair and equal access to our activities and participants as far as time and circumstances permit. However, if an event is designated as “closed,” either due to content or by request of speakers or participants, media will not be permitted to attend.

Complimentary press registration and credentials are extended to qualified media outlets upon receipt of a request for press credentials. Requests can be submitted by contacting Public Relations via email at:

In order to maintain the fairness and integrity of complimentary press registration for EnergySec events, the following guidelines have been put into place by EnergySec Public Relations. Members of the press must adhere to one or more of the following:

  • Employed by a known media source, or earning primary income from journalistic endeavors (i.e., freelancers).
  • In possession of a letter (in English) signed by the senior editor of publication, indicating representation for the specific purpose of covering the event.
  • Print media published at least four times a year (quarterly).
  • Known to EnergySec Public Relations staff as a bonafide “working” member of the press.
  • Listing in one or more media source publications, e.g., Bacon’s, Hudson’s, etc.
  • Evidence of by-lined articles in the publication represented.
  • Recognizing that smaller publications often require staff to “wear many hats” (i.e., crossover of responsibilities between editorial and advertising), EnergySec Public Relations may extend credentials as deemed appropriate.


EnergySec reserves the right to refuse admission to any individual(s).

In return for complimentary admission to EnergySec functions, EnergySec Public Relations requests two copies of published articles about the event covered to be sent within 30 days of publication. Provision of by-lined articles may be used as criterion for extension of press credentials to future events.

Articles should be mailed to:

Public Relations
8440 SE Sunnybrook Blvd. Suite #206
Clackamas, OR 97015