Commercial/Vendor Membership

A commercial member is any entity considered to be a vendor, integrator, consultant or provider of products and services related to energy generation, transmission, distribution, or security for the electric sector.

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This Application for Commercial Membership is subject to approval by EnergySec. By executing the Membership Application and Membership Agreement and submitting payment for membership dues, the Applicant accepts Membership in accordance with Membership Agreement.
Commercial membership is open to organizations that supply products or services to the energy industry.
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EnergySec engages in a number of activities focused on building the cybersecurity workforce in our sector. This includes outreach to academic institutions, mentoring of students, and support for internship, apprenticeship, and other professional development activities.
"Summer of Security" is the name for our summer internship program. EnergySec recruits and prepares students for internships within the energy industry, and works with utilities to establish meaningful internship opportunities for those students.
EnergySec acts as an Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (ISAO). Our mission is to assist entities in building and executing their capability to identify and respond to cyber attacks. This includes various technologies and partnerships for sharing and collaborative analysis of threat intelligence.