Mike Sanders | Manager of Energy Management Systems, Southern Company

Biography of Mike Sanders
Manager of Energy Management Systems, Southern Company

Mike Sanders is the Manager of Energy Management Systems Engineering at Southern Company. In this role he is responsible for the cyber security and the security compliance for Southern’s energy management systems, as well as responsible for EMS infrastructure engineering. He coincidentally assumed this role on 7/1/09 as NERC CIP v1 became enforceable. Prior to that he served in a variety of EMS and SCADA management and support roles, and installed many distribution RTUs way back before cyber security was a priority. He was also, while at Georgia Power, responsible for the operations, maintenance, and monitoring of the underground network power system in Atlanta prior to and during the 1996 Olympic Games. He’s been through Y2K, two DSCADA installations, two forklift EMS replacements, a new control center/data center project, and three CIP audits. Mike earned a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree from Georgia Tech and an MBA from Georgia State.