Our Summits

EnergySec started producing its security summits back in 2005. This ambitious venture was the result of many successful regional meetings that simply outgrew their capacity. We needed to expand the conversation and accomodate for the industry’s need for more peer networking.

Since 2005, there have been many security conferences established in the energy sector tackling everything from technical SCADA security topics to security legislation and compliance to plant physical security. We believe we are one of the oldest and most mature summits, bringing the most relevant and timely security topics to the forefront of discussion.

For more than 11 years the EnergySec Security Summit has been the premier gathering for stakeholders in the energy sector focused on physical and cyber security. Our summits give each attendee a rare opportunity to mingle with asset owners, government agencies, researchers, consultants, vendors and academia under one roof.

Just a few of the benefits in attending our summits include:

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    • Defining and developing strategies to strengthen critical infrastructure protection programs
    • Learning the details about the latest standards (e.g, AMI Security, NERC CIP compliance, CFATS, etc)
    • Understanding the complexities to balance security and compliance in a highly-regulated industry
    • Making valuable connections with industry-recognized security leaders who are at the forefront of physical and cyber security.
    • Meeting and learning more from leading security solution vendors, communication suppliers and technologists in the energy sector


Below you will find tidbits about each of our past summits

2005 – October 19th – Lake Oswego, Oregon.  Sponsored by Cisco Systems, Inc.

Moderated by Chris Shepherd, ICCT Corp.


Lynn Costantini (NERC), Mike DeLaura (NERC), Steve Scott (Atalla), Glenn Collins (DHS), Joe Weiss (KEMA), Tom Glock (APS), Steve Rueckert (WECC), Robert Hill (DOE/INL), Henry Kenchington (DOE), Rita Wells (INL), Jerry Murray (OPUC), Patrick Miller (PacifiCorp), Earl Cahoe (PGE), Seiki Harada (BC Hydro), Mary Robinson (PSE), Tom Glock (APS)

2006 – August 4th – Lake Oswego, Oregon.  Sponsored by Cisco Systems, Inc.

Moderated by Chris Shepherd, ICCT Corp.


Dave Dworzak (EEI), Mark Kuras (PJM), Ken Wilson (WECC), Patrick Miller (PacifiCorp), Ed Croft (PSE), Gary Berndt (PacifiCorp), Dick Robert (Chelan Co. PUD), David Yell (Grant Co. PUD), Jerry Murray (OPUC)

2007 – September 18th and 19th  – Portland, Oregon.  Sponsored by Symantec


Steve Rueckert (WECC), Jim Stuart (WECC), Scott Mix (NERC), Vishant Shah (DHS),Roger Serra (Seattle City Light), Brandon Dunlap (Symantec), Cathy Eade (DHS), Ed Croft (PSE), Alex Tatistcheff (Idaho Power), David Yell (Grant County PUD), Stacy Bresler (PacifiCorp), Rita Wells (Idaho National Lab), Patrick Miller (PacifiCorp), Gary Berndy (PacifiCorp), Joe Goodale (PGE), Pete Jeter (Bonneville Power Administration), Jerry Murray (OPUC), Constance White (Utah PCS)

2008 – July 22nd and 23rd  – Portland, Oregon.  Sponsored by Symantec, nCircle and IOActive

Moderated by: Lisa James (Chelan PUD)


Mike Peters (FERC), Scott Mix (NERC), Patrick Miller (WECC), Clark Liu (MRO),Crystal Musselman (Avista Corporation) , Lorissa Jones (BPA), Adam Menendez (PGE), Gary Finco (Idaho National Labs), Jeff Bryner (PGE), Alex Tatistcheff (Idaho Power), Chris Jager (PSE), Michael Mertz (Southern California Edison), Dick Roberts (Chelan PUD ), Pete Jeter (Bonneville Power Administration), Jane Hurlburt (PG&E), Esteban Nava (SMUD), Darren Nielsen (APS), Mary Robinson (PSE), Janet Honeychurch Blair (PacifiCorp), Richard Pace (Southern California Edison), Roger Serra (Seattle City Light), Toley Clague (PacifiCorp), Bill Fletcher (EWEB),Ben Brandt (Idaho Power),Vern Kissner (Tacoma Power), Scott Erskine (Erskine Law Group, P.C.), Steve Brock (Bowen, Radabaugh, Milton, P.C. ), Jason Lason (IOActive), Todd Zambrovitz (Symantec), Jerry Murray (OPUC)

2009 – September 23rd and 24th  – Seattle, Washington.  Sponsored by nCircle, SecureWorks, RSAIOActive

Moderated by: Chris Jager (EnergySec)


Mike Assante (NERC), Alfonso Valdes (SRI International ), Seth Bromberger (EnergySec), Eddie Schwartz (NetWitness), Dale Peterson (DigitalBond), Seán McGurk (DHS), David Baker (IOActive), Philip Craig Jr. (Nuclear Regulatory Commission), Gary Finco (Idaho National Lab), Dr. Diane Hooie (DOE), Lisa James (Chelan Co. PUD), Bryan Richardson (Sandia National Laboratories)

2010 September 21st and 22nd  – Denver, Colorado.  Sponsored by ICF International, nCircle, NetWitness, AlertEnterprise, Matrikon, Radware, SecureWorks

Moderated by: Lisa James (Chelan Co. PUD)


Patrick Miller (ICF International), Carol Hawk (DOE), Mike Mertz (PNM Resources), Bill Hunteman (DOE), Brian Girardi (NetWitness), Steve Parker (WECC), Jack Whitsitt (ICS-CERT), Tim Erlin (nCircle), Sean Sherman (Triton Federal Solutions), Mike Assante (NBISE), Josh Axelrod (WECC), Ben Miller (Constellation Energy) , Dave Norton (Entergy), James Arlen (Security Consultant), Sean McBride (Critical Intelligence)

2011 October 3rd – 5th  – San Diego, California.  Sponsored by RSA, Itron, Sensus, Cisco, IOActive, PwC, SAIC, AlertEnterprise, Revere Security, Applied Communication Sciences, Sophos, SkyBox


Mike Ahmadi ( ), Patrick Miller (EnergySec), Branden Williams (RSA), Paul Kocher (Cryptography Research, Inc.), Marianne Swanson (NIST), Craig Miller (NRECA), David Batz (EEI), Lisa Kaiser (DHS), Matthew Light (DOE), Lee Krevat (SDG&E), Mike Assante (NBISE), Daniel Thanos (GE Digital Energy), Jon Stanford (PwC), Andy Bochman (IBM), Sam Nassar (NXP), Craig Rosen (PG&E), Christopher Vera (Sempra Energy), Dr. Fred Cohen (Fred Cohen & Associates), Robert Former (Itron), Terron Wiliams (Elster), Allen Harper (N2netsecurity), David Baker (IOActive), John Grosh (Lawrence Livermore National Lab), Steve Parker (EnergySec), Seth Bromberger (EnergySec), Erfan Ibrahim (EPRI), Chris Peters (Entergy), Jeff Gooding (Southern California Edison), Mike Echols (Salt River Project), Ward Pyles (Southern Company), Robert Humphrey (Duke Energy), Bobby Brown, EnerNex, Darren Highfill (SG Security Working Group), Rohit Khera (S&C Electric Company), Justin Searle (UtiliSec), Christopher Villarreal (California PUC), Alan Rivaldo (Texas PUC), Michelle Chibba (Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Canada), Catherine Thompson (Ontario Information and Privacy Commissioner’s Office), David Sequino (Green Hills Software), Ed Beroset (Elster), Mark Ward (PG&E), Jasvir Gill (AlertEnterprise), Skip Ashton (Ember Corp.), Robert Cragie (GridMerge LTD), Colin O’Flynn (NewAE), Gib Sorebo (SAIC), Dennis Holstein (OPUS Consulting Group), Balu Ambady (SENSUS), Andrew Ginter (Waterfall Security Solutions), Gilbert Goodwill (Cryptography Research), Chris Blask (AlienVault), Stan Pietrowicz (Telcordia), Dave Tyson (Tyson Risk Advisory), Erich Gunther (EnerNex), Frances Cleveland (Xanthis Consulting International), Dr. Nate Kube (Wurldtech Security Technologies), Stephen Chasko (Landis+Gyr), Ido Dubrawsky (Itron), Slade Griffin (EnerNex), Megan Hertzler (Xcel Energy), Brent Struthers (Neustar), Sandy Bacik (EnerNex), Eugen Poluyakh (Aspect Labs), Dr. Whitfield Diffie

2012 September 24th and 27th  – Portland, Oregon.  Sponsored by PhishMe, AlertEnterprise, Industrial Defender, Tripwire, Applied Communication Sciences, Mandiant, McAfee, SANS Institute, Qualys, nCircle


Richard Clarke (Good Harbor Security Risk Management), Reid Wightman (DigitalBond), Steve Parker (EnergySec), Rohyt Belani (PhishMe), Prudence Parks (UTC), James Arlen (Taos), Spencer Wilcox (Excelon), Jeff Bryner (P0wn Labs), Benjamin Beberness (Snohomish PUD), John Fry (ICF International), Chris Sistrunk (Entergy), Josh Axelrod (E&Y), Matt Stryker (SERC), Brent Castegnetto (WECC), Darren Nielsen (WECC), Edmond Rogers (University of Illinois), Lisa Carrington (EnergySec), Matt Jastram (WICF), Josh Sandler (North American Generator Forum), Joachim Gloschat (ICCT), Gal Shpantzer (EnergySec), Chris Villarreal (California PUC), Sarah Cortes ( ), Chris Shepherd (ICCT), Lee Tein (Electronic Frontier Foundation), Brandon Dunlap (EnergySec), Dave Lewis (AMD), Lisa Tawfall (Bechtel), Don MacVittie (F5 Networks), Patrick Miller (EnergySec), Jacob Kitchel (Industrial Defender), Deb Bryant (Deb Bryant and Associates), Commissioner John Savage (Oregon PUC), Thom Pearce (Public Utilities of Ohio), Alan Rivaldo (Public Utilieis of Texas), Slade Griffin (EnerNex), Seán McGurk (Verizon), Honorable Patricia Hoffman (U.S. Department of Energy)

2013 September 17th – 19th  – Denver, Colorado.  Sponsored by PhishMeIndustrial DefenderTripwireMandiant, SourceFire. HP, WaterFall, FireEye, IOActive, Honeywell, Netsecuris, Ernst & Young, PAS, NovaTech, FoxGuard Solutions, Qualtrax, SecureState, National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, TSI


Monta Elkins (FoxGuard Solutions), Josh Sandler (Duke Energy), Rohyt Belani (Phishme), Lucas Apa and Carlos Mario Penagos (IOActive), Slade Griffin (Contextual Security Solutions), Mike Firstenberg (Waterfall Security Solutions), Patrick Miller (The Anfield Group), Jason Ile (Tripwire), Andrew Plato (Anitian), Julie Soutuyo (Tennessee Valley Authority), Russell Thomas (George Mason University), Michael Toecker (Digital Bond), Chris Sistrunk (Entergy), Jacob Kitchel (Industrial Defender), Gib Sorebo (SAIC), Nadya Bartol (Utility Telecom Council), William Whitney (Garland Power & Light), Chris Unton (Midwest ISO), Spencer McIntyre (SecureState), John Felker (HP), Andy Bochman (Bochman Advisors)

2014 August 19th – 22nd  – Austin, Texas.  Sponsored by  Deep Eddy Vodka, The Anfield Group, SANS, CISCO, SAP, Greenlight Technologies, Lockheed Martin, Security MattersTripwire, THRIVE IntelligenceHPFoxGuard Solutions, SigmaFlow, 2FA, BRIDGE Energy GroupNovaTechPhishMeQualtrax, RedSeal Networks


David Alexander (LADWP), Josh Axelrod (E&Y), Henry Bailey (SAP), Marc Blackmer (CISCO), Stacy Bresler (EnergySec), Adam Crain (Automatak), Jerry Crowley, Ph.D. (Boeing), Matt Davis (E&Y), Cale Dowell (THRIVE Intelligence), Brandon Dunlap (HP), Monta Elkins (FoxGuard Solutions), Paul Feldman (MISO), Mike Frederick (SC Public Service Authority), Cliff Gregory (SecurityMatters), Robert Hawk (BC Hydro), Casey Hicks (Kiewit Power), Chris Humphreys (Anfield Group), William Lawerence (Lockheed Martin), Samuel Linares (Industrial Cybersecurity Center), Matt Luallen (Dragos Security and CYBATI), Congressman Michael McCaul (Chairman, House Committee on Homeland Security), Brian McKay (Booz Allen Hamilton), Darren Nielsen (WECC), John Ode (CISCO), Steve Parker (EnergySec), James Rice (Greenlight Technologies), Steven Vandenberg (BC Hydro), Stephen Theodos (Essential Power), Wade Walker (Kiewit Power)

2015 September 14th – 16th  – Washington, DC.  Sponsored by Cisco, Security Matters, SigmaFlow, PAS, Tripwire, Waterfall, Archer Security Group, FoxGuard Solutions, Subnet Solutions


Tom Alrich (Deloitte Advisory), Nadya Bartol (UTC), Damiano Bolzoni (Security Matters), Mark Bristo (ICS-CERT), Mike Firstenberg (Waterfall Security), Rita Foster (Idaho National Laboratory), Jasvir Gill (AlertEnterprise), Slade Griffin (Cyphoss), Jacob Kitchel (Exelon), Daniel Lance (Marel), Robert Landavazo (PNM Resources), Matthew Light (Deloitte Advisory), Joe Loomis (Southwest Research), Joe Malenfant (Cisco), John Ode (Cisco), Harry Perper (National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence), Brian Proctor (San Diego Gas & Electric), Terry Schurter (Sigmaflow), Chris Sistrunk (Mandiant), Mikael Vingaard (EnergiNet.dk), Jack Whitsitt (EnergySec), David Zahn (PAS)

2016 August 24th – 26th  – Anaheim, CA  Sponsored by EY, ProtectWise, Prevalent, Palo Alto Networks, SigmaFlow, Waterfall Security Solutions, Belden, LockPath, Cisco, Archer Security Group, CyberX, WizNucleus, TDi Technologies, Siemens Industry, FireEye, Qualtrax, FoxGuard Solutions


Josh Axelrod (EY), Dr. Joseph Baugh (WECC), Marc Blackmer (Cisco), Jim Blaschke (CyberX), Kelly Brazil (ProtectWise), Stacy Bresler (EnergySec), Dewan Chowdhury (MalCrawler), Doug Clifton (EY), David Coher (Southern California Edison), Jonathan Dambrot (Prevalent), Twila Denham (EnergySec), Monta Elkins (FoxGuard Solutions), Tim Erlin (Tripwire), David Foose (Emerson), Dennis Gammel (SEL), Mark Heard (Mandiant), Chris Jager (Arizona Public Service), Rani Johnson (Lower Colorado River Authority), Leonard M. (Mike) Ketchens (ReliabilityFirst), Jacob Kitchel (Exelon), Dave Lewis (Akamai), Toni Linenberger (United States Bureau of Reclamation), Matt Luallen (Cybati), Dr. Dan Manson (Cal Poly Pomona), Brian McKay (Booz Allen Hamilton), James McQuiggan (Siemens), Patrick Miller (EnergySec), Samara Moore (Exelon), Bryan Owen (OSISoft), Steve Parker (EnergySec), Andrew Plato (Anitian), Brian Proctor (San Diego Gas & Electric), Philip Quade (National Security Agency), Del Rodillas (Palo Alto Networks), Doug Rhoades (Sempra USGP), Jamey Sample (EY), Mike Sanders (Southern Company), Josh Sandler (Duke Energy), Chris Sistrunk (Mandiant), Tim Virtue (Lower Colorado River Authority), Nick Webber (Grant County PUD), Kelly Whitlock (Pacific Gas & Electric), Jack Whitsitt (EnergySec)