EnergySec Selected to Create NESCO

EnergySec Selected by Department of Energy to Create the National Electric Sector Cybersecurity Organization

Portland, OR September 28, 2010

Energy Sector Security Consortium, Inc. (EnergySec) announced today that it has been selected by the Department of Energy (DOE) to lead the formation of the National Electric Sector Cyber Security Organization (NESCO). EnergySec will receive a $5.8 million financial assistance award to create and operate this new organization. The grant is part of a three year cost-sharing initiative intended to fund the creation of the NESCO and will contribute to making “a significant leap forward to strengthen the security and reliability of the nation’s electric grid,” U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu said
“This award is the culmination of many years of hard work by our volunteer membership,” said Seth Bromberger, EnergySec Director, “and is a validation of the need for trusted relationships in the electric sector.
We look forward to working with the Department of Energy, industry, academia, and utilities to make the public-private partnership a reality for our sector.”“Ensuring an effective mechanism for collaboration is our primary goal,” added Patrick Miller, EnergySec Director. “Bringing the right parties to the table to drive solutions to industry issues is necessary to ensure the security of this critical infrastructure.”

EnergySec has established a formal sponsorship program for third parties interested in partnering in this important information sharing mission. Details are available on the EnergySec website at

About Energy Sector Security Consortium, Inc.

EnergySec began in 2003 as an informal organization of security professionals within the electric industry interested in discussing common security practices, challenges and principles relevant to the protection of their company’s assets and the power grid at large. Since its inception, participation has grown to include representation from organizations located in nearly all regions of North America.

EnergySec is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation focused on information sharing and awareness related to security issues in the energy sector. Participation includes more than 360 industry professionals in the areas of information and physical security, engineering, plant operations, disaster recovery, telecommunications and other related disciplines representing more than one hundred energy companies throughout North America.

For more information about EnergySec, NESCO or any of its programs, please contact:

Lisa James, Chair 877-2-NRGSEC (877-267-4732)


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