Robert Hawk | Secure Network Designer / Risk & Security Assessment SME at BC Hydro

Robert HawkBiography of Robert Hawk
Secure Network Designer / Risk & Security Assessment SME at BC Hydro

Robert Hawk began working as a Private Investigator and Security Consultant in the metropolitan Vancouver area in 1988. Specializing in Character Profile & Background History Checks, Physical Security & Safety Assessments, Process Service, as well as utilizing skills in communications electronics and photography to conduct Surveillance and Counter Surveillance activities.

In 1995 Mr. Hawk moved into the Information Technology and Information Systems career and spent the next few years becoming experienced in every aspect of Information Technology and Information Systems from computer hardware assembly and helpdesk work, to networking infrastructures, troubleshooting, e-Commerce, messaging and eventually getting into the Information Security field.

Now specializing in the fields of Information Systems Security, Computer Security, Cyber Security, and Information Assurance, Mr. Hawk has extensive experience in Information Technology Architecture, Design & Implementation, Information Systems Security Architecture, Design & Implementation, Information Assurance and Cyber Security through Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Management. Specializing in frameworks and standards from: IEEE, IETF, ITU-T, ISO/IEC, Common Criteria, NIST, AMI-SEC, NERC, CIS, DoD, ANSI, PCI, ISECOM.

Working with technology, people and business, as well as showing great passion for all three by incorporating project management skills, communications skills, and being a lifelong researcher and innovator. Mr. Hawk contributes knowledge and experiences by working part time as an instructor, trainer, and public speaker.