Security Services


We recognize that many organizations struggle to staff security functions and often don’t have the budget to add full-time staff. Our security shared services program allows organizations to obtain “fractional ownership” in a security analyst, providing additional help without breaking the budget. For more information contact us at

We’ve designed our shared analyst program with the flexibility to meet the needs of any organization. This is not a typical MSSP arrangement, rather, our analysts become an extension of your organization, serving your needs directly. Key differentiators are:

Named Analysts

With our program, you will get a real person, not a phone number and a good luck wish. You will be assigned a specific, named analyst who will work directly with your organization on an ongoing basis. Your analyst will become familiar with your organization.


EnergySec’s shared analyst program is designed to provide maximum flexibility in meeting your needs. Packages are available starting at just a 1/8 analyst share and can scale up or down as needed. Also, we do not meter time*, so you won’t be turned away when you need us most.

Backed by EnergySec

Our analysts have the backing of the entire EnergySec organization, from the leadership, to senior staff, to back office support. This ensures that you have access to the expertise and resources required regardless of the situation.


EnergySec has established formal connections with federal government information sharing programs. This allows us to obtain and deliver information that may not be available elsewhere. We also can facilitate upstream sharing of information, as needed, to support the broader community in our common defense.

Vendor Partnerships

EnergySec is building partnerships with the vendor community to strengthen our support capabilities and bring better information and capabilities to our members.

*Analysts time may vary from week to week based on the needs of specific clients, but should on average be consistent with the share plan selected.