Stephen Theodos | Sr. Network Engineer at Essential Power

Biography of Stephen Theodos
Sr. Network Engineer at Essential Power

Stephen is a Sr. Network Engineer for Essential Power, LLC.  His primary responsibilities include network security, voice and data communications, and CIP compliance. He joined Essential Power, headquartered in New Jersey, in 2011 and brought much of his experience from larger companies to this small utility. He began his career at Lehman Brothers working primarily on configuration management and auditing network devices for configuration compliance.  After performing transition work merging Barclays Capital networks with Lehman Brothers’, he moved on to John Wiley & Sons performing day-to-day data center operations, firewall management, and PCI compliance.

Stephen has a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from NJIT and will graduate with a master’s degree in Cyber Security and Privacy from his alma mater this December. In addition to his educational background, Stephen earned his CISSP certification last year.