Terry Schurter | VP of NERC Solutions, SigmaFlow

Terry SchurterBiography of Terry Schurter
VP of NERC Solutions, SigmaFlow

In his career, Mr. Schurter has won multiple awards for controls engineering, software development, and thought leadership. He is a noted expert on process analysis and improvement, winning the Global Thought Leadership award from the BPM Group in 2009 and served as the Research Director for Process with Bloor Research. Mr. Schurter was cofounder of the xFactory Manufacturing Execution System and has developed and delivered process improvement training to companies globally (US, UK, Australia, UAE, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland). Public Sector Clients include the Washington State Courts, US Department of State, US Department of Energy, Omaha Public Power Department, and the UAE Government (multiple branches). He is a published author/ co-author of multiple books including Technologies for Government Transformation, Customer Expectation Management, and the Insiders’ Guide to BPM with Peter Fingar. Mr. Schurter has over 25 years’ experience managing and implementing solutions for engineering, software, and business problems.