Volunteer Opportunities

EnergySec is first and foremost a community of like-minded individuals working to improve the security of critical infrastructure. There are many ways to get involved and support our mission. Below are various areas in which volunteer opportunities exist for those willing to contribute a little time and expertise to the cause.

Speakers’ Bureau

EnergySec staff coordinates cybersecurity professionals with speaking opportunities in their local area. For example, visiting schools and colleges to encourage young people to follow a career path into the cybersecurity field. Speaking opportunities may also include regional and national events and online webinars. Visit www.energysec.org/speakers-bureau for more information on this program.

Workforce Advisory Group

EnergySec has established a Workforce Development Advisory Group to bring together individuals interested in cyber security workforce development within the electric sector. Participation in this group is informal and voluntary, although more formal task teams may be assembled from willing participants on an as-needed basis.

The purpose of the advisory group is to provide industry input into EnergySec’s cyber security workforce programs, including review and comment on internship, and apprenticeship programs.


EnergySec is currently seeking individuals interested in connecting with, encouraging, and training prospective cybersecurity professionals.

To build future professionals, mentoring relationships need to be developed. Mentoring can range from casual conversation providing insight or answers on technical topics to more intensive teaching of specific areas of knowledge.

Curriculum Reviews

EnergySec is continuing to develop and expand its curriculum resources for interns, apprentices, and professional education courses. Interested experts in each area of development are offered opportunities to review new material to provide comments and insights that are subject-material related.

Guest Articles

EnergySec accepts articles from industry experts on topics related to security and awareness for inclusion in our monthly newsletter, EnergySecConnected.


EnergySec hosts regular educational webinars. We are always looking for industry experts to participate as panelists on these webinars.

Volunteer Instructor

As part of our workforce programs, EnergySec is seeking to develop short, online “mini-courses” (30 minute segments) on a various security topics that would be beneficial to new and incumbent workers in critical infrastructure. This is a great way to share some of your expert knowledge as well as earn some CPE credits towards maintaining our professional certifications.

EnergySec staff can help with refining presentation material, and we handle all the behind the scenes logistics for these courses.

Event Support

EnergySec provides opportunities for volunteers to support our various events, such as special workshops, summits, regional classes, and more.

To Get Connected:

For more information email us at volunteer@energysec.org.