For Educators

It is no secret that there exists a significant shortage of cybersecurity professionals. EnergySec is seeking to address this shortage as it pertains to critical infrastructure industries, specifically the energy sector. We are partnering with academic institutions to assist in preparing their students for jobs in our sector, and providing entry points into those careers.

What workforce development programs does EnergySec offer?

EnergySec is attacking the workforce shortage on two fronts. First, we are providing professional development programs for workers already in the industry. Second, we are identifying students who express an interest in pursuing cybersecurity careers in our industry, and helping to prepare and develop, and place them in jobs in our industry. This involves partnering with colleges and universities to inform students of energy sector opportunities, and partnering with employers to identify internship opportunities, apprenticeship offerings, and career pathways for recent graduates.

What role(s) do educational institutions have in the programs at EnergySec?

The academic community is vital to the success of our programs. For our internship program, colleges can provide their students with information on available internship opportunities in their area. EnergySec can assist in identifying curriculum goals, providing supplemental orientation to our industry, and even arranging guest speakers for college programs.

Will we receive notification of programs as they become available to our students?

A primary purpose of registration in our programs is to enable us to provide both colleges and students notification of currently available opportunities. These will include internships, full-time job openings, as well as a broad range of informational resources developed for students, including vendor webinars, EnergySec events, and interaction with the broader EnergySec community of cybersecurity professionals.

How can my institution participate in the programs at EnergySec?

To participate, educational institutions should complete the Educator Registration form. An EnergySec staff member will work with the contact person to discuss specific involvement in our programs.