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Cybersecurity is now a leading issue across all industries, with energy being no exception. Finding qualified cybersecurity professionals is difficult, and even more so when seeking industry specific skill sets. EnergySec is attacking this problem head on with a range of workforce development programs. Energy sector employers can work with EnergySec to identify, develop, and grow the next generation cybersecurity workforce.

What workforce development programs does EnergySec offer?

EnergySec is developing a variety of programs to meet specific needs. First, we are developing professional education offerings to up-skill existing workers in our industry. Second, we are working with colleges and universities to identify candidates for future employment, prepare and develop those individuals, and ultimately place them into cybersecurity careers in our industry.

We are building internship programs that provide early work experience to students, and an opportunity for employers to identify good candidates for future full-time employment. We are developing an apprenticeship program that combines real world work experience with active learning to jumpstart new entrants into the field. And, we are conducting broad outreach to academia to grow the pipeline of future professionals.

What is an internship?

An internship is a short-term commitment to work within an organization for a specific period of time. Internships give the participant an opportunity to explore job-related tasks in a particular field of interest, i.e. cybersecurity, within the organization. Internships are developed to coincide with formal instruction (i.e. community colleges, etc.) Click here for Internship information.

What is the Summer of Security 2016?  

For the Summer of 2016, EnergySec will identify, prepare, and place 100 cybersecurity interns for tasks that provide meaningful benefit to the security of electric sector organizations. For more information on participation in this program, complete the Employer Registration Form.

What professional development programs are available?

EnergySec has an apprenticeship program for new workers in the cybersecurity field as well as professional development courses that can be tailor-made to fill the gaps in an existing employee’s program of study.

How does an apprenticeship or employee training pathway differ from an internship?

Apprentices are hired to work full-time for an employer where they receive on-the-job training and are provided opportunities for related learning via classroom instruction, seminars, online training, etc. Wages are upscaled as training progresses through the program.

How can my company participate?

Complete the Employer Registration form. We will contact you to discuss specific details of your organization’s participation in our programs.