For Students

EnergySec operates programs that educate and inform students about cybersecurity career opportunities in the energy sector. To participate in these programs, simply complete the registration form. We will contact you to confirm the submitted information and your eligibility for these programs.

Cybersecurity is a key issue for critical infrastructure companies, and finding qualified professionals is increasingly difficult. EnergySec seeks to bridge the gap between students looking for careers in cybersecurity, and the organizations that are in need of those skill sets. By registering for our programs, you will receive regular emails that keep you informed of issues in our industry, access to student only mailing lists and forums, opportunities for free online training that prepares you for work in our sector, and more.

What type of programs are available from EnergySec?

We offer a range of programs, including internships, apprenticeships, mentoring, and online courses. Students can also participate in the EnergySec Community, which includes student email discussion lists and forums, and other resources. We’ll be adding more programs over time.

Why should I participate in an EnergySec workforce development program?

Participation is a great way to build your resume, learn about our industry, and make connections that could lead to future employment. Participants can learn about the day-to-day life of an energy sector cybersecurity professional and determine if that is a career path that interests them.

What is an internship?

An internship is a short-term commitment to work within an organization for a specific time period, usually at least 120 hours, and sometimes several months. Internships give the participant an opportunity to explore job-related tasks in a particular field of interest, i.e. cybersecurity, within the organization. Click here for more information on internships.

What is an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships combine on-the-job training with a skilled professional (journeyman) in the field of study with related classroom instruction for a designated competency result. Apprentices follow a formalized course of study that establishes the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform independently as a cybersecurity professional. An apprenticeship is a fast-track to gaining both knowledge and experience, an approach which provides a string advantage over classroom study alone.

How does an apprenticeship differ from an internship?

Apprentices are hired to work full-time for an employer where they receive on-the-job-training and are provided opportunities for related learning, via classroom instruction, seminars, online training, etc. Wages are upscaled as training progresses through the program with an expectation that individuals completing an apprenticeship program will be offered permanent employment at a competitive salary. Internships are typically temporary, and cover a shorter period of time with less intense training.

How do I sign up for more information?

Submit the registration form to indicate your interest in the programs listed.