14th Annual Security
& Compliance Summit

Post-Secondary Power Security Education : Building an education pipeline to satisfy industry needs


In this presentation Ben Winslet will explore Building an education pipeline to satisfy industry needs. He will look at the state of education as it relates to producing qualified and competent security analysts the industry currently needs and will need in ever increasing numbers over the coming years. Exploring current offerings, potential avenues of cooperation between industry and academia, and compensating measures that industry can take until the academic programs are built and take hold, there is a rather grim outlook on the interim supply of security professionals interested and educated in industrial controls security in general and power systems in particular.

Ben Winslet

Ben Winslet is a Senior Security Analyst for critical infrastructure for Arizona Public Service (APS). Based in Phoenix, APS is Arizona’s largest electric company and serves nearly 1.2 million customers around the state. Ben is responsible for information system and industrial control security and compliance in corporate and process control networks throughout the APS enterprise. He began his career at APS in 2016 coming to the company from Lockheed Martin, where he served in a variety of roles throughout Lockheed, including staff network engineer for Public Service Enterprises Group – Long Island (PSEG-LI), Information Technology manager for Department of Energy physical security operations at the Nevada National Security Site, and senior systems engineer for advanced ground systems development and operations. He is engaged in the community, currently expanding the information security offerings at local community colleges as adjunct faculty teaching courses in power systems security, Linux, and information security fundamentals. A Georgia native, Ben earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Arizona State University in Technical Writing and a Master’s of Science in Information Assurance, with an emphasis on Digital Forensics, from Norwich University and is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). In addition to cyber security and collegiate teaching, Ben writes for a number of national publications on topics of cyber security, arms development, and defense.

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