We believe that the industry is best positioned to describe their cyber security needs and we are but a conduit to help achieve its goals.

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If you are a utility owner/operator, a member of government, industry-related trade organization, a partner in an EnergySec-managed program and are interested in learning more about the benefits we provide to the industry, please fill out the form to receive announcements on upcoming professional education and industry events. If you are an EnergySec member, you can also request access to our publications and newsletters.

We also have an online community that provides access to all of our online resources, including the information portal, and professional education materials. Vetted utility owner/operators have access to a private utility-only space, plus there is an open forum available to all Community members. There are many other community spaces available but special request for access to those are required. With your community access you will also be placed into associated mailing lists.

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A semi-monthly email newsletter containing updates and analysis on CIP-related events, guidance, and published violations.

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Sent at the beginning of each week, this includes security- and compliance-related events which are scheduled.

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A weekly email newsletter containing updates on cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities, emerging practices, policy, legislation, and regulation.

Online Community

Our mission is to provide benefits that assist organizations in securing their critical infrastructure. Our online SharePoint community offers Online Resources, NERC CIP Training, and more.



Subscribers will receive emails on a semi-weekly basis to learn more about our industry networking events like our Annual Security Compliance Summit and Distribution Security Forum.

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Subscribers will receive emails on a monthly basis to learn more about our professional education opportunities like our NERC CIP Bootcamps or Security Education Week.


Subscribers will occasionally receive emails about upcoming webinars hosted by EnergySec, both educational and solutions-based.

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Subscribers will receive emails on a monthly basis to learn more about sponsorship opportunities for our events and programs.

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