14th Annual Security
& Compliance Summit

Building an Innovative and Effective OT SOC with Real-time OT Security Monitoring Capability


The challenges of an exponential rise in cyber risks, sophisticated cyberattacks, and a growing shortage of cybersecurity skills are now being felt in Operational Technology (OT) environments. Greg Villano, Industrial Automation and Control Cybersecurity Superintendent, is responsible for building Diamond Offshore’s innovative OT security program. He will discuss the business drivers and technical solution they implemented over now for nearly 4 years. Villano achieved executive support and funding, real-time anomaly detection, 24×7 security monitoring and global security operations in an efficient and OT-run Security Operations Center (SOC). This talk is relevant to many field applications.

Greg Villano

Greg Villano, IACS Cybersecurity Supervisor, Diamond Offshore Drilling has 30+ years working with industrial automation and control systems as a hands-on electrical engineer and supervisor as well as building concentrated skills in cybersecurity. He is responsible to quickly evaluate and accurately assess information and situational awareness factors for operations and cybersecurity in global drilling rigs and a fleet of support vessels. Greg’s experience leading the OT SOC for the past 4 hears has been requested by many as one of the early success stories for an OT SOC built by OT, for OT.

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