14th Annual Security
& Compliance Summit

Jumping Airgaps


If you think an air gap prevents communication out of and into your industrial control system, you are wrong. We’ll be exploring various ways to send data across an air-gap in Industrial Control Systems and other environments, including a live demo. Is it really possible to send data across an air-gap where no network has been connected? (No we’re not talking about wifi, bluetooth, wirelessHART etc.) Can it be done without physical modification to your existing plant? Can we get that paragon of virtue- a data diode -to pass information in both directions without physically touching it? Find out.

Monta Elkins

Monta Elkins is currently “Hacker-in-Chief” for FoxGuard Solutions, an ICS patch provider.  He is a security researcher / consultant and BFF’s with the elusive #TrooperBR549.  Considered by many of his friends to be the Chuck Norris of ICS Cybersecurity, Rackspace enjoyed his tenure a Security Architect and Radford University hired him as their first Information Security Officer.

As the World’s Foremost Cordless Drill Hacker/Musician, Monta has been a speaker at more security and ICS conferences than even his enormous ego can remember including: DEFCON, EnergySec, GE Digital Energy, ICSJWG, Toshiba ICS, GridSecCon, CIP Emerging Technology Roundtable, ICS CyberSecurity, UTC Telecom, SANS ICS Summit, and Nuke CIP Pyongyang.  In his spare time Monta is the creator of a totally-safe-for-work YouTube channel, solving all the worlds IoT and IIoT problems using cold war era technologies.

Known for having once discovered ALL the devices on an ICS network, Monta is the author and instructor of “Defense against the dark arts” a series of hands-on hacker tools and techniques classes.  He has served as a guest lecturer for colleges, universities and elsewhere teaching Arduino programming / circuit design, SDR, and rapid prototyping techniques.  As a small child he entertained himself by memorizing Pi; all of it

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