14th Annual Security
& Compliance Summit

The DOE Cyber Defense Competition: An analysis and view of the future


The DOE Cyber Defense Competition (CDC) is a competition that focuses on the defensive/hardening nature of cyber security. Similar to other industry competitions the CDC has a Blue Team (defenders) that protects a network infrastructure from the Red Team (attackers). The teams consist of college students who secure and harden their competition system. A red team consists of students or industry professionals that work to cause cyber destruction to the blue teams’ network infrastructures. The competition is scored utilizing a point system. Nate Evans will discuss the aspects and benefits of the DOE CDC.

Nate Evans

Nate Evans currently serves as the lead for the Cyber Operations, Analysis and Research group at Argonne National Laboratory. Nate received his Doctorate in Computer Engineering with a specialty in Cybersecurity from Iowa State University. Prior to joining Argonne, Nate managed cybersecurity and cyber defense activities at several private-sector companies. He is considered a key asset by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in several cybersecurity capabilities including the development of a cybersecurity vulnerability assessment for field use, analysis of cybersecurity consequence and threat studies, and leading the pilot cyber-physical regional assessment. Nate along with the team have also developed an R&D 100 wining operational instance of moving target defense (MTD) and he has led the Department of Energy in the development of a Cyber Defense Competition for workforce development.

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