We support and empower each other by sharing knowledge and leveraging skills and resources across boundaries.


Our mission is to provide resources that assist organizations in securing their critical infrastructure. We offer:

Online Resources, Events, NERC CIP Training, Webinars, Publications, Industry Participation, and EnergySec Technology.


EnergySec is implementing several workforce development programs specifically designed to recruit and develop cybersecurity professionals with the unique skills and abilities required for critical infrastructure protection.


EnergySec offers a growing number of educational courses covering both NERC CIP and general security topics. Below are short abstracts of our courses and intended audiences. For full course information, please click on the course title.


We recognize that many organizations struggle to staff security functions and often don’t have the budget to add full-time staff. Our security shared services program allows organizations to obtain “fractional ownership” in a security analyst, providing additional help without breaking the budget.


EnergySec has served in an ISAO-like role since its inception, and in October 2016, became one of the first registered ISAOs, and also the first registered ISAO focused on the energy sector. EnergySec is participating in the ISAO process to ensure we can continue to serve our members in that capacity as the role becomes more formal and better organized

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