Why join EnergySec?

Being a member of EnergySec goes far beyond a defined benefits package. EnergySec is working to find non-regulatory solutions to the cybersecurity challenges we all face. It provides us the financial means to be self-sustained so we can build out efforts like the workforce development projects, security guidance documents and on-going affordable cybersecurity awareness and professional education specific to the sector.

As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization we rely on your continued support. We encourage you to become a member of this grassroots educational security organization to help it reach its full potential.

Reasons to join:

  • Focal point to bring together domestic and international energy sector cybersecurity expertise from the utility asset owners, product and service vendors, academic and research institutions and government agencies
  • Associate with people who have vision, purpose and desire to share knowledge, capabilities and enhance the security of the power grid
  • Gain valuable lessons learned from people who have industry-specific cybersecurity problem-solving experience
  • Have access to unparalleled energy sector information resources including cybersecurity guidance documents
  • Opportunity to be part of the industry’s leading voice for cybersecurity in the energy sector
  • Learn with webinars and regional events that focus on the hottest topics and provide the latest developments in cybersecurity
  • Obtain independent, unbiased insight and analysis into the legislative and regulatory issues impacting cybersecurity in the energy sector demographics

You may click here to request a 30-day trial subscription to our weekly newsletter. The newsletter is released every Friday. In addition, you will also receive the EnergySec NERC CIP Newsletter, which is published 2-3 times per month.

Membership Classifications

Industry Member — Any entity directly engaged in the development, sale, generation, transmission or distribution of energy within the electric sector. Such as: utilities, generators, independent power producers, power marketers, distribution companies, municipalities, and cooperatives.

Industry Membership Application

Commercial Member — Any entity considered to be a vendor, integrator, consultant or provider of products and services related to energy generation, transmission, distribution, or security for the electric sector.

Commercial Membership Application

Industry Member Benefits

  1. Publications
    • NERC CIP V5 formal published guidance: In cooperation with industry and our extensive network of advisors, EnergySec staff will be developing and publishing detailed guidance on various CIP version 5 topics. Published versions of all guidance will be available to members only.
    • Weekly Update: Email newsletter containing updates on cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities, emerging practices, policy, legislation, and regulation
    • CIP Newsletter: A semi-monthly email newsletter containing updates and analysis on CIP-related events, guidance, and published violations.
  2. Special member pricing on professional education, events, and services: Members received discounted pricing on EnergySec professional education, events, certain advisory services and other products.
  3. Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (ISAO): EnergySec operates an ISAO which supports our members’ security operations:
    • Organizational Watch Service: Our custom technology monitors various non-public and open-source data sources for signs of malicious activity relating to our members. This includes IP addresses, domain names, and keywords.
    • ThreatConnect Community: EnergySec operates a private threat sharing community of the ThreatConnect platform for the use of our members.
  4. Use of the EnergySec Utility Member Logo
  5. Membership is organization-wide with no restrictions on the number of participants from each member organization and member classification
  6. Priority access and direct relationship to EnergySec staff and peer members to enhance crowdsourcing of security situational awareness, benchmarking and best practices
  7. Security Leadership Forum (SLF): The SLF is a private forum of senior security leadership at EnergySec member utilities. Regular in-person meetings occur to enable discussions on common issues and solutions.

Commercial Member Benefits

  1. Receive recognition as an industry leader in security through the use of the EnergySec vendor member logo, and listing on EnergySec website and membership materials.
  2. Eligibility to partner with EnergySec on projects and initiatives that improve the security posture of industry.
  3. Special vendor member pricing (typically 20% off) on partnered webinars, event sponsorships, and other promotional opportunities.
  4. Weekly Newsletter containing updates on cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities, emerging practices, policy, legislation, and regulation
  5. Membership is organization-wide with no restrictions on the number of participants from each vendor member organization
  6. Priority access to EnergySec staff.

Membership Dues:

Each membership classification has a specific dues structure. See the tables below for all respective fees.

Industry Member

Annual Revenue                   Membership Fee

< $500M                                             $2500

$500M – $1B                                      $3200

> $1B                                                    $4800

Commercial Member

Annual Revenue                   Membership Fee

< $25M                                                $1195

$25M – $250M                                   $4995

$250M – $1B                                       $9995

> $1B                                                    $19995


A membership term is for one year. Full term details are documented in the Application Form.