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EnergySec’s Mission

Our mission is to strengthen the cybersecurity posture of critical energy infrastructures. To do this, EnergySec has developed strong ties across the electric sector, including utilities of all sizes, numerous industry vendors, government agencies, state regulators, national labs, and multiple trade organizations.
Our work is organized into five primary focus areas: Community, Workforce Development, Professional Education, Information Sharing and Analysis, and Services.

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(M) Denotes Member Benefit

Online Community

News and Updates
Discussion Forums
Member Resource


Educational Webinars
Solutions Webinars

Professional Education
– 30% discount for staff members of member organizations

NERC CIP Bootcamps
Onsite CIP Training
Security Education Week
Online Courses


(M) Semi-Monthly NERC CIP Newsletter and special email alerts on CIP-standards voting, approval, and implementation.
(M) Weekly Update
(M) The Week Ahead Email
(M) Executive Briefs
(M) Analysis Documents
(M) White Papers

Industry Participation

NERC PreQualified Organization – able to submit Implementation Guidance
CIP Standard Drafting Team
Regional Entity Meetings
Security Conferences
(M) Staff Access for RFI Assistance/CIP related questions/Regulatory Action reviews by Staff


(M) Online Forums
(M) SLACK – real time CIP standards updates
Anomali Community

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Our community activities comprise many of our member benefits, including most of our publications and general industry participation. We foster interaction, collaboration, and education through our various programs and activities in this area.


Through our workforce development programs, EnergySec is working to ensure a steady pipeline of qualified security professionals and to increase the skills and capabilities of the current workforce. We perform outreach to academia, promote internships, registered apprenticeships, and industry recognized apprenticeships (IRAP) as well as operate professional education programs for industry staff. EnergySec, in partnership with the BASIC Consortium which includes Southern Utah University, Washington State University, West Camp, and the Regional Education and Training Center, has been awarded a DOL grant for the development of cybersecurity apprenticeships. The grant began on March 1, 2020. Read the press release here: https://www.dol.gov/newsroom/releases/eta/eta20200218


Our professional education offerings include industry-leading NERC CIP courses. as well as our Security Education Week, a week-long focused technical security education event for industry professionals. We also have online NERC CIP courses and are developing new security-focused offerings.


EnergySec is a registered ISAO and is developing programs and services to foster and support information sharing on various levels. We believe that collaboration is essential to securing our shared infrastructure.


EnergySec staff stand ready to assist our members with a variety of services. Most notably, our shared analyst program (in development) will provide “fractional ownership” of security analysts, allowing even the smallest organizations to access skilled staff at a level appropriate to their needs and budget.

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