Secure Power Cybersecurity Technician

What is the SPCT?

EnergySec’s Secure Power Cybersecurity Technician is a program that covers a mix of IT and OT skills. It is the first of several Secure Power Systems job roles being developed to train incumbent workers to become Secure Power Systems Professionals.

EnergySec has been talking workforce development… and now we are delivering what we promised — a cybersecurity training program for incumbent workers specifically designed for the electric sector. Based on the PNNL Secure Power Systems research, we have combined IT and OT components to create a unique program for utilities, large or small, to use to train an ever-growing need for cyber talent in our industry.

Our Goal:

To provide the electric sector with an industry-specific training program that develops the necessary cybersecurity skills of a Secure Power Cybersecurity Technician.

How to Register:

  1. Complete the registration form and payment.
  2. EnergySec will then:
  • Register you with Rangeforce and pay the fee.
  • Connect and guide you through the registration for the Everett Community College course and pay the fee.
  • Deliver the EnergySec courses through online and in-person classes.
  • Register you in our LMS to track course completion and OT skills successfully completed as acknowledged by your work supervisor.
  • Provide staff for answering questions, guiding through work skills, etc. and support in completing the program.
  • Provide competency assessments for proof of successful understanding and ability of topics.
  • Award SPCT Credential at completion.

Program Participants

Designed for incumbent workers at an electric utility with an interest in expanding their job functions to include cybersecurity. This includes professionals within an organization’s IT or OT environments.

Program Elements

  • Complete in as little as one year
  • Competency-based program approved by a committee of academia and subject matter experts
  • Provides both classroom and work-based learning
  • Training specific to electric utility industry
  • Includes mentorship
  • Aligns with CompTIA’s Apprenticeship for Tech National Guideline Standards

Program Features

Online Courses with Assessments Tests

  • Technical Foundations for CIP – Provided by EnergySec
  • NERC CIP Deep Dive – Provided by EnergySec
  • Industry Fundamentals – Provided by EnergySec
  • IT 175 Assessing and Securing Industrial Control Systems – Provided by Everett Community College

Cyber Range for Hands-on Training – Provided by RangeForce
RangeForce levels up SOC and cybersecurity professionals with realistic, holistic, advanced defensive skills training, while accurately and quantitatively assessing existing team capabilities.

Mentoring – Provided by EnergySec staff and supervisors of trainee

OT Work Experience Guide – Contains job functions and related tasks to be completed to demonstrate competency

Competency Assessments for Credential Award – provided at completion of program

Course Descriptions

EnergySec Courses

NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection Deep Dive – Online Delivery – 24 hours
Learning Objectives:

Provide a thorough understanding of the NERC CIP standards, each individual requirement, and its associated definitions and concepts.

Industry Fundamentals – Online Delivery – 8 hours
Learning Objective:

Provide background information on industry operations to enable a better understanding of the context and relevance of CIP standards.

Technical Foundations for NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection -Online Delivery – 8 hours
Learning Objectives:

Establish a baseline of conceptual technical knowledge for understanding of, and compliance with, the NERC CIP standards.

Course Topics Include:
Firewall Basics
Network Monitoring
Remote Access
Access Management
Security Event Monitoring
Configuration Monitoring
Software Vulnerabilities
Systems Vulnerabilities
Vulnerability Assessments
Cloud Computing
Fundamentals of Cryptography
Information Sharing
Data Storage Systems

Everett Community College

Assessing and Securing Industrial Controls Systems, IT 175 – Online Delivery – 45 hours
Learning Objectives:

  • Distinguishing Information Technology and Operational Technology
  • Understand secure ICS network architectures
  • Identify and illustrate the ICS attack surface
  • Perform cyber-to-physical attacks
  • Create an ICS Cyber Security Program
  • Measure and document Cyber Security Risk