17th Annual
EnergySec Security &
Compliance Summit

July 18-20, 2022 | Disneyland Hotel

Below is a letter template you can use to help justify your attendance at EnergySec’s 17th Annual Security & Compliance Summit. Simply copy and paste the document into an email or word document and fill in the bolded portions. This will outline the value that attending the Security & Compliance Summit provides not just to you, but to your entire organization.

Dear [Decision Maker],

The 17th Annual EnergySec Security & Compliance Summit takes place July 18-20 in Anaheim, CA. The Summit has a proven track record of providing practical knowledge that I can use to improve our organization’s operations. In addition to the learning sessions, the conference also includes networking opportunities where I can learn from and share expertise with other industry professionals.

As an attendee, I will receive:

  • Two days of learning in presentation sessions. This year’s program includes several presentations on topics important for us. For example, [list appropriate examples such as threat intelligence, NERC CIP audits, physical security, workforce development, ICS security programs].
  • One day of optional workshops focused on a more comprehensive look at [insert topic of workshop].
  • Multiple networking opportunities. The Summit has an evening reception and an awards luncheon, as well as additional time for networking, i.e.  catered lunches that provide opportunities to build relationships with industry peers as well as experts in our field.
  • Opportunity to evaluate the latest security solutions. At the Summit, I will have 1-to-1 access to vendors such as [Insert relevant vendor(s)], who are possible partners for [Insert relevant project(s)].

The approximate investment for my attendance is as follows:

Roundtrip airfare: [xxxx]

Transportation: [xxxx]

Hotel (4 nights at $299/night plus tax & fees): [$xxx.xx]

Meals (note that some meals are included in the conference fee): [xxxx]

Conference Fee: [xxxx]

The total costs associated with attending this conference are [xxxx].

Benefits to [Your Company]

Attendance at the EnergySec Security & Compliance Summit will provide educational trainings that will help our [security OR compliance OR security and compliance] efforts be more effective. In addition, after the conference I can provide a written summary detailing how the information learned at the conference can benefit [Your Company]. I will also provide a review of the event for the decision -making process on future attendance by colleagues.

Thank you for your consideration, and I would be happy to answer any further questions you have about how my attending the EnergySec Security and Compliance Summit will benefit the company.


Breakout sessions are designed to provide a deeper look at issues in one of two areas of focus. Session details are listed below.

Presentation Formats:

Lightning Talks (15 minutes)

Lightning talks are a great option for first-time or less experienced speakers. Gain experience and confidence in a small group session while sharing valuable information with your peers. These are also a great way to share quick-hit tips or lessons learned in your day-to-day work.

Presentations (30-60 minutes)

Full-length presentations provide more detailed discussions on relevant topics in any of the two breakout tracks listed below.

Workshops (60-90 minutes)

Workshops provide time for a deeper and more interactive treatment of key issues. These are facilitated, interactive discussions on problems, challenges, or proposed solutions.

Breakout Session Tracks:

Track themes will be finalized based on the number and quality of submissions across various topics. Areas of interest include:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Security Operations
  • Security Architecture, Tools, and Research.
  • Leadership focused topics.

We have several speaking opportunities (generally 30-minutes but can vary) available for presentations related to security or compliance in the energy sector. We welcome submittals from any interested party but note that presentations designed primarily to promote a company’s services, capabilities, or products will not be approved via the Call for Speakers. However, a limited number of sponsored speaking slots are available.

Topics of Interest:

We will consider a broad range of topics relevant to cyber security in the energy sector. Although our core audience has traditionally been electric sector stakeholders, we are also interested on topics related to the oil and gas sector.

A moderator along with 3 panelists will examine and discuss an issue related to security or compliance in the energy sector. Panel topics will be determined as part of this Call for Speakers. Submitters may propose a complete panel package (topic, moderator, and panelists), a panel topic only, or simply request placement on an appropriate panel based on their background and experience.